#Trends: Ethics

The Big Story around DC for the past few days (and the past few months) has been about ethics reform in the Wilson Building. Here are some interesting posts from Twitter surround the recent call for more honest government:

Bryan Weaver
BryanWeaverDC Bryan Weaver
Here is my written Testimony on Ethics before the Council of the District of Columbia. facebook.com/notes/bryan-we…
Dave Stroup
DaveStroup Dave Stroup
For the DC Council my primary thing about outside jobs isn’t ethics, it’s that we pay them so much money for a part time job.
Martin Austermuhle
dcist_martin Martin Austermuhle
Maybe the DC Council just needs more basic ethics guidelines. “If your kid did this, would you be mad? Yeah? Then don’t do it.” Done.
The Washington Times
washtimes The Washington Times
Gray weighs in with priorities for D.C. ethics reform bit.ly/tqdF6J
Read the #dcgop‘s 33 recommendations to bring about comprehensive ethics reformdcgop.com/blog_post/show…
James Garay Heelan
jgarayheelan James Garay Heelan
Glad to see @MurielBowser acknowledge ANCs need to be addressed in ethics reform.
Ronald Moten
RonaldMoten Ronald Moten
Ethics reform is legislating common sense and that’s hard for some ppl to understand In 1350. Hopefully it will get done in the near future
Will continue to update this list as more come….
Suggestions on other interesting tweets about ethics or other trends that should be followed? Comment below or tweet by using the hashtag #PolRevDC

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