#PolRevDC: The Revolution will be Twitterized

Yes, you are absolutely right in your sentiment: Markus Batchelor needs to stop starting blogs that don’t really go anywhere. I agree.

But I also feel that this needs to be done. The District of Columbia is in a dire situation. Many of our elected officials are not serving the people and it is time to garner a new breed of honest, accountable, visionary and hard working officials that work for the  people, not the power.

This platform will be the place to start this revolution. I (and as many people as I can recruit) will blog about the growing revolution for political integrity in the city and also let you in on the news that affects our relationship with government.

Also, we will be posting interesting political news that we get from other sources. AND: not only will we spark the conversation here, but also on Twitter by using the hashtag #PolRevDC. It’s time to share our concern, present our solutions and change Washington, D.C.

The Revolution will be Twitterized. The Revolution Starts Today.

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