The Washington Informer: Young Leaders in #Ward8 Seek Political Power

I am very excited and honored to be featured alongside other young public servants in today’s Washington Informer that bears the headline:

“Young Leaders in Ward 8 Seek Political Power: Goal is to Help Ward Prosper”


Young adults between the ages of 18-35 in the District’s most economically challenged ward are actively pursuing political careers in order to improve the lives of their neighbors.

Ward 8, located exclusively in Southeast Washington, in recent years has produced young political activists and officeholders, all Democrats, who want to change the perception that many in the city have about their community.


Markus Batchelor, 18, a former youth mayor of the District, was elected first vice-president of the Ward 8 Democrats in September. Batchelor, who is a graduate of the highly respected Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter School in the ward, said he attended that school because of its emphasis on public policy and politics and it was close to home.

Batchelor is a freshman at George Washington University in Northwest and president of the D.C. Statehood Students Association, of which Bennett-Fleming is the executive director. The organization aims to get more students and young adults in the fight for the District to become the 51st state.

Batchelor said his mentors in politics include Pannell and Bennett-Fleming.


Read the Full Article here!


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