An Open Letter to Democrats of Ward 8

October 19, 2012

Dear Friends,

As First Vice President of the Ward Eight Democrats, I am vested with tremendous responsibilities that contribute to the success, efficiency and effectiveness of our organization. One of the most important tasks that the First Vice President is vested with is making sure that in the absence of our President, the operations of our organization move forward uninterrupted and without fault. While this duty is seldom called for, it is my responsibility to be prepared and willing to serve whenever necessary.

Recently, our President, Joyce Scott contacted the executive committee and expressed her intent to take a leave of absence from the Ward Eight Democrats and, in turn, a leave from her role as President of the organization. Her return to this role is expected in January. Until then, it is my responsibility, along with the able members of our executive committee, to take the reins of leadership and make sure that our organization moves forward. That, more than anything, is my intent as I serve as our Acting President for the next few months.

The next few weeks will be hectic for our organization. We have a tremendously important election on November 6 and numerous other goals to accomplish both before and after.

I am willing and capable to take on the responsibilities that leading our organization will require over the next weeks and months. The tasks won’t be small and the hurdles won’t be easy to climb, but I have faith that nothing is too hard for the capable leadership we have in the Ward Eight Democrats. This shift in leadership was not expected, but my election is hopefully a sign that you have the utmost confidence in me to fulfill the task that I was elected to fulfill. With no time to waste, my work has already begun. However, no one can do this work alone. No matter what innate capability someone has to lead, nothing can be done without the confidence and support of those that they serve.

This open letter is a request: I am asking for your support and your confidence. There is no way that what we need to get accomplished can be without you and that is why I need you to be as involved, as passionate, as empowered, as willing and as critical as ever before. There are committees to be staffed, meetings to be attended, polls to be worked, calls to be made and friends and neighbors to be brought. That’s the only way we can be successful.

I have always thought of this Ward 8 community as an extended family; Folks who are willing to support and guide you when things are good and when times get tough. I have that undeniable faith in you and I know that you will be there for me as much as I am for you as we continue the good work of organization over the next weeks and months.

Thank You.

Markus Batchelor

First Vice President, Ward Eight Democrats


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